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Do You Believe In Miracles? by Ccry-The-Cat Do You Believe In Miracles? :iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 3 1 Simplistic Beauty, Complex Story by Ccry-The-Cat Simplistic Beauty, Complex Story :iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 2 0
Leather Jacket and Blue Scarf (Destiel/Johnlock)
“Well, damn, I never thought I’d be so happy to see this place.” Dean grins, scanning the flat. The dusty, messy dwelling has never seemed so homey.
Next to him, Castiel appears sharing the same satisfied state. “Yes. Sherlock and John should be here shortly.”
Dean nods. The four of them have just finished a case. Sam stayed back in the United States to pursue another case. Here, they were against a shapeshifter who somehow made allies with a rogue hellhound. Sherlock and John were definitely going to need help with that. For once, Sherlock decided to consult a hunter.
“Consulting Hunters. I think that should be our new title.” Dean sits in John’s chair and sighs. He learned quickly that sitting in Sherlock’s chair would be a mistake.
Sherlock and John finally appear in the doorway. Immediately, Sherlock retreats to his chair.
John takes a deep breath, still not believing what he’s gone through the past few days. He looks at C
:iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 10 13
You Just Know
When you’re in love with someone, you just know
There’s no arrows, no signs leading you to them
It’s not a fairytale or romance novel
This is real
When you wake up and they’re there
Not in “the morning after” kind of way
When you wake up from a night of talking
A night of laughing together and talking about everything and nothing
You don’t need the memory of lust to smile when you see them sound asleep right next to you
It’s the little things that cause the smile
The way their nose crinkles when they laugh
The way they look when they’re busy and you notice
And honestly, you really don’t remember exactly how you met
You don’t remember when you “officially” got together
All you remember is that beautiful smile, the perfect lips you long to kiss
The softness and heat of their skin
The sincerity in their voice when they say, “I love you.”
Their eyes give you a feeling of safety
When they hug you, you
:iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 13 0
My Friend
Ah, where do I even begin, Reader?
My friend has a very special place in my heart.
Well, that’s quite the understatement.
My friend is something that I cannot explain.
Oh, dearest Reader.
My friend is not just someone I’d like to spend a day with.
As a matter of fact, I want to spend the rest of my life with them.
My friend is someone I want, nay, I need in my future.
I say, my Reader, this is something very great.
My friend has the voice I can never get enough of; a sound that silences my demons.
Actually, I feel that their voice is the only thing that calms me.
My friend is the only one that gives me hope.
Alas, kind Reader, I have a tragic truth.
My friend is just a friend.
Honestly, it’s my worst nightmare.
My friend; a friend and nothing more.
Finally, wonderful Reader, I shall tell you how I feel.
My friend is my other half.
However, if they’re happiest alone, then alone is how I shall stay.
My friend is my everything and more.
:iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 1 3
It's Just a Haircut (pt. 2) KarkatxReader
Karkat slumps down in the chair and folds his arms across his chest with a huff of anger. “This is so fucking stupid. I hate this!” he complains.
“Relax,” I laugh, picking up the scissors. “Besides, do you remember how we met?”
Karkat eases up a bit at the mention of the memory. “Yeah, Egbert dragged me here and you about...” he shakes his head, smile fading. “Yeah.”
A year ago, Karkat came by with John and received a very awkward haircut from me. Ever since, he and I have become’s like best friends for trolls, I think.
Now, here we are in the same positions as I begin to slowly trim his hair.
“Stay away from the gog damn horns this time, you got it?” he growls as I make my way around his head with the scissors.
I nod, even though he can’t see me, and silently cut the Cancer’s hair. His hair is quite literally the softest thing I’ve ever felt. I love running my fingers through
:iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 309 74
I Get The Last Word (KarkatxReader)
WARNING: It’s KK, guys...he’s a cusser c;
“This is ridiculous! I mean what the actual fuck?” The small troll slumps down into the armchair across from you and folds his arms across his chest.
You have no idea why your good friend John decided to bring along a guy who hates parties to a party. Not to mention the fact that this “guy” is actually a space alien troll with grey skin and candy corn horns that are tiny just like the rest of him. At least, you assume he’s tiny. You can’t really tell with the baggy turtleneck he’s wearing. You also find him to be adorable. It’s just something about his attitude that makes you giggle.
You look down at the glass of punch in your hands and smile to yourself as the grump across from you curses the entire scene under his breath. You can agree with him about the fact that just about everyone here is an egotistical jerk. You’ve been sitting alone on this chair for a half hour and no one
:iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 273 34
It's Just a Haircut (KarkatxReader)
I clean the rest of the hair supplies and neatly set them in a line on my counter. Well, I guess you could call them hair supplies. Really it’s just a few combs and some scissors.
But back to the point. John is coming over today and he’s bringing his friend. He’s asked me to cut his friend’s hair since he’s so tired of it being a ratty mess.
In all honesty, I don’t know why John cares; but that’s his deal, not mine.
I hear a knock on my door and some faint arguing behind it. As I make my way over to answer them, I can’t help but laugh.
This friend of his sounds like a piece of work. He’s cussing out John like hell. Not that I mind since I myself have a colorful vocabulary. It just strikes me as amusing.
I open the door and smile at the two boys.
“Hey, John,” I say sweetly.
John grins at me with his buckteeth that I always found adorable. “Hey! Thanks for doing this. This is Karkat, by the way.” John motions t
:iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 457 116
Hey, Karnubs... (Karkat x Reader)
Warning: Karkat takes a liking to swear words cx
“You’re such a fuckass!” Karkat calls from outside your window. You pull away from his view and fall onto your bed in fits of laughter.
Right now, just one story under you outside your window, a freezing and quite angry troll is demanding entrance to your house.
It’s snowing right now and Karkat despises the uncomfortable chills the snow gave him.
Slowly, you stand back up and put on your best poker face as you look back down at the small troll. His arms are folded across his chest and his glare is at you.
You decide that you’ve been torturing your moirail for long enough and nod, prompting him to start up the porch steps and bang on the door.
Quickly, you pull on your sweatshirt and scurry down the stairs. The feeling of excitement and thrill runs through your body.
Opening the door, you lean on the frame and smirk at him.
“Hey there, Karnubs,” you sing, blocking him from entering your warm hous
:iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 571 198
Ironic, Isn't It? (DavexReader)
“Dave, what’re you doing?”
Dave looks at me from behind his oh-so-cool mirror shades and shrugs. “Just doing what I know best.”
Dave’s been asking me all week to hang out with him. I’ve reluctantly had to decline due to schoolwork, but now he’s using our hang out time to work on his stupid raps.
“I thought you wanted to chill?” I drop my bag onto the couch and cringe at the whiny tone in my voice. Dave laughs a bit at my use of the word “chill”. It’s rare for me to use such a casual term.
“We are,” he states as he drops down into his desk chair, slowly moving the chair side to side with his feet before spinning around completely to face his laptop. The white light causes a glare off his glasses that is quite literally painful to look at. But of course, he just carries on with his work not bothered at all by the blinding reflection.
I sit on the edge of his bed, waiting for him to set up whatever i
:iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 188 60
Symmetry Can't Compare - Kid x Reader (OneShot)
Dedicated to the amazing Fizzy <3
I sulk through the hallways of the DWMA in attempt to avoid any authority figures that could potentially expel me for ditching class. It’s not a big deal though. It’s just Stein’s class and he doesn’t do anything but dissect innocent creatures. I think I’ll pass on the heartless act.
Nevertheless, I have a perfectly good reason for constantly skipping his classes off and on. I’m avoiding someone.
His name is Death the Kid; Lord Death’s son. “Mr. Perfect”, if you will. He really knows how to get on my nerves. Seriously, he’s a nightmare. I’ve never really talked to him but it’s not something he’s said. It’s his hair. It’s…asymmetrical.
The thought of that word makes me cringe. How could he be the perfect little rich boy that everyone talks about if he himself is imperfect? I don’t understand it. Symmetry is everythin
:iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 22 12
Lee Stein by Ccry-The-Cat Lee Stein :iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 8 1 I'll Never Understand by Ccry-The-Cat I'll Never Understand :iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 1 6 Gamzee and Karbro by Ccry-The-Cat Gamzee and Karbro :iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 1 0 Death the Kid by Ccry-The-Cat Death the Kid :iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 2 2
Die For You - Soul Eater Evans x Maka Albarn
Intro Song :
~ Die For You ~
~ A Soul Eater Evans x Maka Albarn FanFic ~
Maka blocked the witch’s attack, but fell back losing her balance. This is the fourth time the witch has thrown her off and Maka began growing impatient.
“Damn!” Maka growled as she gripped her weapon tighter. She just couldn’t think straight. It didn’t help that that particular witch was incredibly annoying.
Soul began to grow worried. “Maka, what’s wrong with you tonight she’s not even that tough?” It’s not like her to be acting like this.
Maka closed her eyes tightly. She tried her hardest to push away any thoughts she didn’t want Soul to find out. Their soul wavelengths have gotten stronger and she’s afraid her thoughts won’t be safe anymore. But something has been bothering her; she just can’t afford to tell anyone.
“Nothing.” Maka rises from the ground, glaring at the wit
:iconccry-the-cat:Ccry-The-Cat 5 3


Supernatural Stamp by Grivik Supernatural Stamp :icongrivik:Grivik 244 11 Stamp :: I Heart Supernatural by homestucktroll123 Stamp :: I Heart Supernatural :iconhomestucktroll123:homestucktroll123 170 13 My Man Dean Supernatural Stamp by daydream--believer My Man Dean Supernatural Stamp :icondaydream--believer:daydream--believer 132 13 Supernatural - FBI by DarkLeesh Supernatural - FBI :icondarkleesh:DarkLeesh 211 1 Supernatural Changing Channels Stamp by Cammerel Supernatural Changing Channels Stamp :iconcammerel:Cammerel 262 19 Supernatural 4th Season Stamp by silva17 Supernatural 4th Season Stamp :iconsilva17:silva17 344 23 Supernatural Sitcom Stamp by Ranger-Sarha Supernatural Sitcom Stamp :iconranger-sarha:Ranger-Sarha 663 5 Supernatural Stamp 2 : Dean by tifenec Supernatural Stamp 2 : Dean :icontifenec:tifenec 662 29 Supernatural stamp by kshapiro Supernatural stamp :iconkshapiro:kshapiro 3,053 141 Supernatural by Arunaudo Supernatural :iconarunaudo:Arunaudo 1,941 55 Johnlock stamp by techno-britannia Johnlock stamp :icontechno-britannia:techno-britannia 64 2 Johnlock Stamp by stampered Johnlock Stamp :iconstampered:stampered 82 10 Johnlock Stamp by Gatergirl79 Johnlock Stamp :icongatergirl79:Gatergirl79 945 84 Just A Touch Of Yellow by AxisRivers Just A Touch Of Yellow :iconaxisrivers:AxisRivers 5 3 Sally: I'll Be Waiting by AxisRivers Sally: I'll Be Waiting :iconaxisrivers:AxisRivers 26 23



Hello! It's been awhile, huh?
I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love and appreciate your kind feedback and great support!
It means so much to me, thank you! <3
- Cherri


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Artist | Literature
United States
I'm a troll, stuck in this strange human world. Please send help.

Also, I enjoy writing, reading, and occasionally drawing.

My Tumblr:…

Oh, and Soul Eater is kind of my life

Soul Eater Death The Kid Stamp : Oops... by Petpettails123 :thumb138705465: Soul Eater Stamps - 02 - Soul by animelover4evaa Soul Eater Stamp by AlClair Soul Eater: Teachers by NikkiXOdd4eva Soul Eater stamp by ingart15 Soul Eater Stamp 2 by LunaticTrix Soul Eater Stamp xD by bLuPpErYpUp Soul Eater - Kid Stamp by CometTheMicroraptor Soul Eater - Stamp by Kizushik ID - Soul Eater by SoulEaterClub

Dave Strider though :-: <3 Stamp: Dave by Michiru-Mew HS: Dave Strider stamp by Janbearpig Dave Strider stamp by LoveKoganJarlos :thumb197949762: :thumb376924303: Strider by SOULlol

Superlock over life <3 Supernatural Stamp by Grivik :thumb164607352:
My Man Dean Supernatural Stamp by daydream--believer Supernatural - FBI by DarkLeesh Supernatural Changing Channels Stamp by Cammerel Supernatural 4th Season Stamp by silva17 Supernatural Sitcom Stamp by Ranger-Sarha Supernatural Stamp 2 : Dean by tifenec :thumb424767972: Johnlock stamp by techno-britannia Johnlock Stamp by stampered Johnlock Stamp by Gatergirl79


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