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Warning: Karkat takes a liking to swear words cx

“You’re such a fuckass!” Karkat calls from outside your window. You pull away from his view and fall onto your bed in fits of laughter.
Right now, just one story under you outside your window, a freezing and quite angry troll is demanding entrance to your house.
It’s snowing right now and Karkat despises the uncomfortable chills the snow gave him.
Slowly, you stand back up and put on your best poker face as you look back down at the small troll. His arms are folded across his chest and his glare is at you.
You decide that you’ve been torturing your moirail for long enough and nod, prompting him to start up the porch steps and bang on the door.
Quickly, you pull on your sweatshirt and scurry down the stairs. The feeling of excitement and thrill runs through your body.
Opening the door, you lean on the frame and smirk at him.
“Hey there, Karnubs,” you sing, blocking him from entering your warm house.
“Fuck you!” he shouts with his usual sheer tone. He hates it when you tease him about his small horns.
You move out of the way and motion him in. “Will you shut up? I don’t need people across town hearing your stupid complaining,” you joke. But Karkat just kicks off his shoes and glares at you.
“I’m freezing my Gog damn ass off because of you!” He shakes his head and sighs. “Whatever, come on.”
Karkat goes up to your room, you trailing a few feet behind, and sits on your bed. Karkat usually makes himself right at home when he comes over. He’s like your brother; your strangely attractive and adorable brother. At least, that’s how you saw him.
It’s complicated really. You met Karkat through your friend Dave at his place on accident. Ever since you and Karkat have been best friends or moirails, as he puts it. You spend every weekend together even if one of you is sick or have literally nothing to do. If you were going to be bored, you both were glad to be bored together.
“So what movie do you want to watch this time? Fifty First Dates? Thirteen Going On Thirty? Your call, dude,” you nod as you sit next to him on your bed and turn on the TV.
Karkat shrugs and mumbles something under his breath. Rolling your eyes, you decide to ask him what it is he’s complaining about.
“What now, Vantas?” you groan, not really caring about what he has to say.
“It’s fucking hot in here!” he growls.
“You were just freezing!”
“Well maybe if you didn’t keep it as hot as fucking possible in here, I wouldn’t be complaining!”
“You’re always complaining. I’m not turning down the heat; it’s too damn cold,” you huff in hopes to leave it at that. But knowing him, he has to have the last word.
As you look at him, awaiting his retort, your face turns a deep red and you go into a bit of shock when you see him pull off his oversized turtleneck. He continues to mutter to himself even after he throws the garment across the room. All you can do is stare.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he asks, his own face turning a light red.
“Nothing!” you say quickly, looking away. You go through a few movies and randomly play one you’ve both seen a million times; it’s your favorite. But you’re not paying any attention to the, you’re paying attention to the shirtless troll next to you.
You both lean against the headboard of your bed giving Karkat a chance to casually scoot closer to you. You’re not sure if it really was casual or an attempt to make you as nervous as possible.
About halfway through the movie, you turn to him.
“Hey, Karnubs?” you mumble.
Usually, he would simply brush you off considering the fact his favorite part is coming up. But when he hears the unsettling tone in your voice, he gives you his full attention not once yelling at you for the cruel nickname
“So...matesprits...” you say softly too afraid to look him in the eyes. You know damn well what a matesprit is; Dave told you all about Quadrants. You’re just tired of keeping your feelings hidden from him.
“What about them?” he asks, not showing any struggle in his voice. Instead, he keeps it completely emotionless.
You finally look at him, pulling together all the bravery you have left. “Do you have one?”
He just looks at you, stunned. Karkat figured you would ask what they are or how they work.
This time, he looks away before saying, “Not yet.”
“Yet?” You look at him carefully to make sure you heard him correctly.
Karkat nods. “There’s one girl.”
You wait for him to go on, but he doesn’t. He just stares at the TV blankly. You turn away as well and mentally yell at yourself for bringing it up.
After a few moments of an awkward silence, Karkat taps you on the shoulder. You turn to him to see what he needs, but when you do, you’re met by a pair of lips on yours.
You have no idea how to respond. When he pulls away, he wraps his arms around you as if to tell you that you don’t have to say anything.
“You’re that one girl; I hope you know that,” he mumbles in your ear.
You return the hug allowing one hand to run through his messy, black hair in attempt to distract you from the fact you’re hugging a shirtless Karkat. You accidentally brush your fingers across his horns causing him to purr in your ear.
“Be my matesprit...I’m so fucking tired of being your moirail,” he says with a semi-annoyed tone in his voice.
Smiling to yourself, you mumble, “Of course, Karnubs.”

Here it is :3

This is mainly for my friend, but I hope you enjoy it too c:

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